Definitely no exit for EWCs!

Europe presents a lot of challenges for European Works Councils. Legislation comes mainly from Brussels and international treaties determine the strategic choices of multinationals. Geopolitical decisions have an effect on the future of international businesses and then there are the consequences of Trump's decisions… In short, EWC members are ahead of the game: they're at the midst of the European discussion. SBI Formaat witnesses and follows these discussions and can help European Works Councils like no other.  Brexit is of course now a huge challenge for many companies. 

Brexit and EWC: you’d better be prepared   

We do not know what the outcome of Brexit process will be. However, when the UK will leave the European Union, there will be consequences for your European Works Council:

  • If you have an EWC agreement under UK law, your agreement will need to change to another jurisdiction                ​
  • You will no longer have EWC members from the UK
  • The UK is not in the scope of your agreement anymore. Things happening in the UK will no longer be a topic for Information and Consultation in your EWC

Do you have influence in the decision to choose a new jurisdiction? What is the legal position according to the European Works Council Directive? How would you apply these rules and do you have a preference? And how can we keep our UK EWC members on board?

Adapt your EWC Agreement

Most likely, you are not in favour of losing your ‘colourful’ British colleagues in the EWC and not being able to discuss UK topics in the European Works Council. You can avoid the UK being out of scope or losing your British EWC members by adapting your EWC agreement. You need to bring a (re) negotiation proposal to the attention of management, preferably before the Brexit is a fact!

Our EWC Service Team can support you in this issue and we can give you advice on the steps to take for your situation in your company.  


Free advise Brexit concequenses for your EWC

We offer you, free of charge, half an hour advice on Brexit and the consequences for your EWC.   Please click this button and fill in the form.

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