Our EWC-Service can help you with any questions you might have about EWC’s:

  • information about which companies are required to set up an EWC and how they go about doing so;
  • support in negotiations to set up an EWC;
  • support in renegotiations of your EWC-agreement;
  • support for EWC’s in regular meetings;
  • expertise on special consultation procedures, such as in the event of mergers, acquisitions and restructures;
  • training for EWC-members.

Right to be trained

The most recent EWC directive includes the right for EWC-members to be trained at the expense of the company. The most commonly requested subjects for EWC-training include European legislation and regulation and the rights and duties of the EWC, how EWC’s function in practice, communication and cooperation, and industrial relations in Europe. We are also able to deliver financial training to EWC’s and we regularly cooperate on training with other SBI Formaat specialists. For example, our training on health and safety in the workplace is provided in cooperation with our SBI Formaat Health and Safety team.

If you choose our EWC-Service to train your EWC-members, you can count on custom solutions: we always plan our training in close consultation with the EWC and create a suitable programme for each training session, including active learning methods designed to maximise engagement among participants. Our training materials have been developed in such a way that we can actively work with a wide range of groups and languages.

Added value

Our EWC-Service believes in dialogue between management and employees. It is our conviction that EWC’s provide a positive contribution to the representation of employees in multinational enterprises. EWC’s are regularly informed and consulted about the structure of the company, its financial/economic situation, organisational changes and other change processes. Consultation with the EWC is not voluntary: when taking decisions that have an impact across borders, companies cannot simply bypass their EWC. In this way, EWC’s give European employees the chance to have their voices heard in the boardroom.

Our experience in practice has shown us time and again that EWC’s with enthusiastic members, a clear strategy and their own independent plans rarely fail to be heard, and it is here that we can assist.