Our Works Council service

In summary you find an overview of our services.

Tailor-made training courses

We offer tailor-made training courses and practical support and advice. In discussion with one of our trainers or advisors you will draft your training programme based on your specific needs.

Theme-based Workshops

You could also decide for you individual Works Council members to follow a specific workshop that is focussed on a particular topic; e.g. Finance, Health and Safety, Sustainability etc.. These theme-based workshops are offered regularly (look at the agenda) and you can enroll on an individual bases. The advantage of these workshops is that you meet with other people from other companies and industries facing the same issues.  

Professional advice and support

Part of your job as a Works Council, is to submit statements to management. If you face really complex matters it might be very helpful to have the support of one of our experienced advisors. They can help you analysing this issues, managing the process and preparing your official statements together with you.